Monday, April 20, 2015

The Pete Riddle Memorial Swim Workout

Ron "Sickie" Marcikic hosted a swim workout at UCSD dedicated to Pete on Sunday, April 12, the morning of Pete's Celebration of Life. Many regular swimmers joined him for this creative and entertaining tribute that began with instructions and bagpipes — as all workouts should.

Instructions for the swimmers.
With a collage of Pete at the entrance to the pool.

The stage is set....

Each A frame white board contained a set Pete enjoyed, along with a favorite Pete quote!

Breaststroke pull? You bet!

Have a shared sense of purpose (and start the pyramid over if you finish early)!

Fast — with fins, of course, while thinking about judges and SEALS: "Let the record reflect," and "the only easy day was yesterday."

"To be perfectly honest..." vertical kick with hands up is uncomfortable. 

"With all due respect...nothing lasts forever!"

Except the fun, of course!

The new Pete Riddle Trophy, constructed by hand with a gavel and fin from Pete.

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