Friday, August 14, 2015

Pete Riddle Memorial Lane Dedication

Betsy Jordan with the first winner of the Pete Riddle Memorial Lane 2 Award:
David Shapiro.

From UCSD swim coach Sickie on the Pete Riddle Memory Lane Dedication: 

Come prepared to share one of a million stories about Pete, whom we all love and will talk about forever, with his friends and family members.  As is the case, come prepared to swim (or walk) a 50 in his 'lane', with a nice jacuzzi afterwards.  The recipient of the Pete Riddle Award, David Shapiro, will be there, and you can meet him first hand...step right up (no pressure David!!!).  We will always miss Pete, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who hears his sage advice in my head as I go through my daily chores trying to remember what was next on my list. 

Family attending the dedication of Pete Riddle's Memorial Lane, from left: sister-in-law Judy Ray, Coach Sickie, wife Betsy Jordan, nephew Bruce Ray, daughter Susan Whiting, granddaughter Samantha Whiting. 

A poem by David Shapiro, the first Pete Riddle Memorial winner: 

Of all the lanes, Lane Two's the best
We have flair and zing and zest
The other lanes, they are jealous
Yes, of our swimming; we are zealous

Iambic pentameter, this is not
Nor sonnet, ode, nor clever plot
But I'll try to make you see
The beauty of bad poetry...

Pete had been a professional swimmer
With the SEALs -- it kept him slimmer
But with his fins, he liked to fiddle
And telling tales and many a Riddle

His good humor it kept us floating 
He's swimming now, we're all hoping
So smart, so kind but never boasting
And his waters now are always "toasty..."

So, of all the lanes we are the best
We have most fun; the longest rests
Sure, you know we make a fuss
But today — rejoice, you're one of us!

David Shapiro, honored for his "workmanlike" performances, with the first Pete Riddle Memorial Trophy, made from one of Pete's trusty swim fins. At right is Samantha Whiting, Pete's granddaughter

UCSD swim coach Sickie with Betsy Jordan

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